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Gastein spa: thermal baths, vapour baths, healing tunnel

The Gastein thermal water has been known for its healing powers since the Middle Ages. Many famous personalities and royalty travel to Gastein for health reasons.

The font of eternal youth – this is how the Gastein thermal water is often described. It emerges from the mountains at 46C, enriched with the noble gas Radon and natural minerals, and alleviates various discomforts, especially of the musculoskeletal system.

The famous Felsentherme is only a few steps from our Hotel Münchnerhof!
The naturally warm thermal waters will activate your body’s self-healing powers.


Radon-thermal-vapour Bath in Bad Gastein

A special feature of Bad Gastein is the small radon thermal vapour bath located in the centre of the town, open to the public and run under medical supervision. The thermal water vapour runs directly from the Elisabeth spring tunnel through a shaft system to the box baths. This treatment is especially beneficial for people with reduced mobility. The duration of the bath as well as the temperature are adjusted to the special needs of the guests, and is therefore also suited for patients with poor circulation.

The Radon treatment in the Gastein healing tunnel

It is the combination of high humidity, warmth and the Radon inside the Radhausberg in Bad Gastein which make the healing tunnel a worldwide unique form of therapy. Long lasting pain relief, reduced medication for up to a year and improvement of the immune system are scientifically proven effects of a Radontherapy in the healing tunnel in Austria.

The Gastein healing tunnel is beneficial for rheumatic inflammatory diseases of the muscoskeletal system, the respiratory tracts and the skin.  From a medical point of view a treatment period of two to four weeks is recommended, with three to four visits per week into the healing tunnel.